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Dave Jakeman (JAKE_SAGEBRUSH@HOTMAIL.COM) faxes this list to anyone who asks.  I like the attitude, and the list is helpful, so I'm re-producing it here.

(Reprinted with permission.)


(  )  Helmet & gloves, spare glasses (  )  Tools & spares
(  )  Fix-a-flat, chain lube & fluids (  )  Rain suit & belaclava
(  )  Sunscreen & lip balm, spray cleaner (  )  Prescription meds, etc.
(  )  Bike bottle, thermos, platypus bottle (  )  gum, pens, checkbook, etc.
(  )  ________________________________ (  )  ________________________________


(  )  ________________________________ (  )  ________________________________
(  )  ________________________________ (  )  ________________________________
(  )  ________________________________

(  )  ________________________________


(  )  Camera & binoculars, survival cards (  )  Ditty bag, utensils & pots
(  )  Lens kit & film; ultrapod (  )  Food bag & cool jug, matches
(  )  rag, wipes, toilet tissue (  )  Clothing, trash bags, etc.
(  )  ________________________________ (  )  ________________________________


(  )  Ground cloth & mattress pad (  )  Sleeping bag & stuff bag pillow
(  )  Shelter half or tent, pegs & line (  )  Warmups, cap & raft mocs
(  )  ________________________________ (  )  ________________________________

I drink half of my milk with dinner, and put the rest in my cool jug for breakfast cereal.  If I cook instant oatmeal in the morning, I leave the stove and pot out.

The stainless Coleman mess kit (Campmore, $15.99) is a good value.  I try to use a large diameter pan instead of a pot; the larger surface area of the bottom traps more of the heat and makes your fuel go further.  Cooking gear includes a Dobie pad and small bottles of olive oil and dish soap.  Also, a bamboo spatula and a soup spoon.  Blue shop rags on a roll or Scottwipes are good all-purpose cleanup towels.

When I finish eating, I pack my food bags, wash my hands, and stow the food where it can't attract night visitors.  I may enjoy a cup of tea or cocoa, and get my flashlight out and look over the map, and plan the next day's route.

The sample size rack at your drug store is a good source of compact shave creams, lotions, and other personal care products.  I flatten a half-used roll of toilet tissue, put it in a quart ziplock bag and squeeze it flat.

Pack the heavy stuff as low on the bike as you can;  the duffel carries tent, bedding and clothes, and most of the "I TOUR" stuff goes into the tank bag.  Your first aid kit and rain suit should be where it's easy to grab quickly.  Spares include hose clamps and Tywraps, fuel line, fuses, bulbs, a few crimp terminals, tube patches, baling wire, and a small roll of filament or duct tape.  I carry a chain breaker in my tools, and a spare master link, as well as a 13-tooth c/shaft sprocket.