Elko Jamboree 2002
Moto Guzzi Owners (Nevada)
First Annual Camp-out

I met Bert Fox through the Yahoo Triumph Tiger group, he was considering a Tiger, and I had one, so we sent a few e-mails back and forth about all the things riders are interested in, and we struck up a friendship that seems to be growing as the months move along.  Bert is the Moto Guzzi owners group rep for Nevada, and had decided to have a go at a gathering of the group to coincide with the Elko Jamboree.  He invited me over for the weekend, so I said I'd go.  He went to LA for a charity ride a bit earlier, and we met up in Jackson for breakfast.  He'd started up the coast, but got fed up with the traffic around the bay area, so back-tracked a bit and headed for the less-crowded Sierra foothills.  Here's a shot of his Beemer and My tiger, parked outside Mel's.   I rode with him up to Auburn, then headed back towards home. 

A few days later, I was on my way to his place for the festivities.  I decided to ride 50 on the Eastward leg, and 80 on the way back home.  It was 487 miles there, and 405 back.

I left home on the 21st of June, at 5:00 A.M. straight up, and definitely avoided any traffic on the way there.  I made a detour off 50 in the general direction of the Toiyabe Range, between Fallon and Austin, along State Route 722.  It slowed me down a bit, and provided some much needed relief from the boring ride through the desert.  I stopped next to a 'dry' lake bed for a stretch and some munchies, and snapped these shots.      I could hear the Navy jet jockeys zooming overhead, but couldn't see them for the haze.  It was a game of tag with the rain all afternoon, and I got spit on a couple of times, but never really wet.  I stopped at a rest stop on 50, the other side of Austin, and the rain was all around:  West:  South:   East: and North: 

There were a variety of bikes, not just Guzzi's.  I had my Tiger, and there was a Beemer, and a Honda, and a Harley, and Dave brought this soul-stirring '59 Gold star.  What a gas, watching him tickle the carburetor, and work it just past compression before throwing his weight onto the kickstarter.  Dave led us on a ride on Saturday, south of Elko, into Lamoille Canyon.  Just south of town, we rode up over a hill, and this spectacular view lay in front of us.  We were headed up a canyon that would put us in the midst of those snow-capped peaks.

Dontcha' love the West?

We stopped along the way out for a sip, where I snapped this line-up. 

There was an errant sheet metal screw that found it's way into Gerri's front tire, so we all had a good time changing the tube.  Thankfully, she had a spare tube, and I had brought along one of my new toys, an inflator known as the "Secondwind moto" ( http://www.innovationsaz.com/ ) .  You can pump it, like a regular tire pump, or use CO2 cartridiges in it.  I had a collection of cartridges along, so we inflated the new tube enough for the ride back to town without ever breaking a sweat.  What a treat, having a lot of helping hands when things like this happen!  Here we are, up in the clouds, workin' on it.   

Some of us camped out at Bert and Susi's  (that's my blue tent on the left), and some stayed at motels in town.  They have a unique timber framed house, just a few blocks off the freeway, with about 4 acres of space, so there was plenty of room.  The wind blew (it was Nevada, remember!), but it didn't rain on our party.  We sent out for Pizza on Friday, and Bert barbequed some Basque Corizo on Saturday evening, and a fair amount of beer was consumed both nights.  On Saturday evening, we managed to get most of the crew together for this shot. 
That's Gerri on the bike, and her husband to her right.  Bert and Susi are on the far right of the picture, kneeling down.  Folks were there from California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and I don't know where else.  Bert's fond of saying that Elko isn't a destination for anyone, just a place to pass through.  His own planning might change that occasionally.


Great Job Bert and Susi!

Looking forward to next year.




Gasoline Usage

Elko 2002 Gasoline usage
Date Time Mileage Difference Trip Meter Gallons Mileage
21-Jun 5:00 12806
21-Jun 8:39 12993 187 187.2 4.318 43.35
21-Jun 12:21 13172 179 179.0 4.296 41.67
22-Jun 4:18 13371 199 198.6 4.360 45.55
23-Jun 10:09 13569 198 197.9 5.000 39.58
23-Jun 14:35 13781 212 212.2 4.745 44.72
Overall 975 974.9 22.719 42.91


p.s., I brought the S100 cleaner with me to the car wash, and sprayed the bike down well before starting up the sprayer, and It's ready for another go!


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