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July 5, 2008

      I really liked the look of the old Harley roadracers, with the reverse megaphones, one low, one high on the right side, but I've not been able to find anything like them available. When at Dixon for the Antique Motorcycle Club show recently, I saw a bike with some on it that I liked. I asked the owner where he got them, and it turns out that he built them himself. Well, I can build things, so I took some measurements and made a rough sketch on the back of my business card. My son does SolidWorks CAD drafting, so I got him to create a drawing and templates for the cones. Here's some JPEG images of what I'm going to construct.

Expanded piece view
The two cones, and a short piece of pipe for connecting to the header.

Assembled view
The completed assembly.

     Now comes the fun part! He's going to get some patterns printed in full size, so I can snip some tin pieces in the correct shape, roll them up, and weld them together. More to follow....


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