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1983 Honda
CB550 Engine

Description:  Complete engine.
This engine is complete with carbs, coils, even a key switch.
It is still bolted to the cut up lower part of the frame.
Someone was going to put it in a golf cart.    (WTF????)
The person I got it from said the previous owners offered to start it for him.

Note that this is an '83. It is the shaft drive model.

Price: $100.00

(No picture available)

1973 Yamaha

Description:  "Complete" bike (see details).
This motor runs, could stand a tune up.
Needs seat cover, paint work, instrument cluster.
Clean title, non-op status.
The prior owner removed all the little bits that he felt were un-necessary. Like the seat mounts, and the chain guard mount, and the rear footpeg mounts. The current (not mounted) seat is not a correct fit, it is for a later model XS.   I'm working on getting a correct seat.  The tank is now bare (I had it dipped and coated on the inside).   Electric start works, as per the original (pull on the comperession release to start).  Good starting point for a street tracker.

Price: 1000.00 / OBO

1976 Honda

Description:  "Complete" bike (see details).
This motor runs, I believe the chain tensioner should be replaced.
Needs a fix for the non-working headlight (That's why the light is facing the wrong way, I started to look).
Clean title, non-op status.
When I got this one, someone had almost ridden the wheels off, all the spokes in the rear wheel were loose
and some of the niples were floating loose inside the tire.
I purchased a complete set of spokes front and rear, and re-laced the rear wheel

Price: 400.00 / OBO


1981 Suzuki

Description:  I purchased this as a "complete" bike that I intended to rebuild and use.
The DMV still has it on its records, and wants 3 years of fees.  So, I'm selling it.
The motor turns over, if you put it in gear and push.  The starter motor did not work.  I did not investigate further.

Price: 150.00 / OBO



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