Jackson Ford
3rd Annual Poker Run
1st Annual Chili Cookoff

July 21, 2002


Sparky (OIC, Citrus Heights Chapter, Freedom Cruisers) called a run to the Jackson Ford Poker run.
    Start time: 7:30. 
    Meeting Place: Krispy Creme, Sunrise and Greenback.

Five motors and 7 riders showed up at the designated starting point and time.
  I know, there's only 6 people in the picture.  It's O.K., My Green Triumph stands in for me on these occasions.  Third from the left is Tony, OIC of the West Sac Chapter.  So far, it's Citrus Heights and West Sac.

We went down Greenback to Folsom, across the Dam Road, and wound our way to Latrobe Road.  We headed South on Latrobe to Highway 16, took the jog to the East to Carbondale, and followed it to the intersection of Irish Hill Road, and headed South once again.  When we got to 104, we headed East through Ione and on to 88.  88 Eastbound to Jackson, then a short jog North on 49 To Jackson Ford.

Acknowledgement to our hosts:

As we were headed over to the sign in table, we ran into two other riders in the FC club, Bones from Galt, and Loner from Jackson.  (Loner has an incredible run of attending these events with 100% of his chapter in attendance.)

Now, we're up Citrus Heights, West Sac, Galt and Jackson chapters in attendance.  Fun, being a member of a wide-ranging club.  You meet the nicest people in the most far-flung places.

We did the usual sign in, and got issued our ride pins and this map WARNING, slow to load

At the first stop (Frontier Mini Market) we met up with some other FC members from the Roseville chapter (at least, as there were now too many faces to keep track of which chapter they were from!).

We followed the map (and didn't even get lost!), and I snapped these pictures along the way.

At Cooks Station (the second stop, as I was asleep at the first one):

At Latchum Winery:
  (Great foothills stuff, this)

At Tuscano Winery:

This is a staged photo of most of the Freedom Cruiser Riders.

From there, we headed back to the starting point, where we checked in out poker hands (no winners in this bunch!), and chowed down on the steak, corn on the cob, and accessories.  We sampled the chili from the cook-off.  The 'mess hall' was set up under a set of shade covers, with the BBQ at the beginning. That fellow in the apron with his back to the camera was stacking some of the steaks up on the grill, as the chow line was thinning out.   I asked the BBQ chef how many steaks he had cooked, and he only knew that they were past the 200 mark.  He referred me to a fellow in a yellow shirt (the organizer of the event), and he knew that they had been set up for 200 entrants, and had to scramble to make more entry forms.  His guess was that there were 250 to 300 riders in the event.

Here's some of the bikes parked at the finish of the run:

We headed back home via 49 and 16, stopped at Sloughouse and picked up some fresh veggies for tomorrow's meal, and headed on home.

A good time was had by all, no one went home hungry, and here's a big tip of the hat to Jackson Ford Mercury.  We'll be back next year, hoping that the weather is as good as this year.