April 13, 2002

Rough Road Riders - Auburn, Colfax and Vicinity Dual Sport Ride


Ron Snow has put together a loosely connected group called the "Rough Road Riders",  The group purpose is to have fun, riding dual sport cycles in the paved and un-paved roads, primarially in the Gold Country Foothills, although he is open to any ride suggestions, and is working on a ride to Mexico this winter.  General plan is a ride on the second Saturday of each month, and a planning and BS session on the third Thursday each month at The Streets Of London Pub.  For more information on the Rough Road Riders, contact Ron at rjsnow@cwo.com .

This ride started at the Edlweiss restaurant in Auburn (the one in Old Town, not the one on Main Street). 






The bikes gathered in clusters, scattered around wherever space was available.







We left Auburn, went doun through the canyon on 49, then back up to Forresthill road, heading East.  We took a left on Ponderosa Way, followed it around to the right, and soon found ourselves 'off pavement'.  We followed Ponderosa across the river (North Fork of the American), then took a breather and snapped these shots.    We went up past Twin Pines, and eventually turned Right on Yankee Jim's Road.  When I was there in November ( November 15, 2001 - Iowa Hill, Forresthill, Yanke Jim's ), they were grading the road, and it certainly showed the fruits of their labor.  Nice smooth dirt, with just a bit of loose stuff on the top.  That's Ron's Triumph Tiger, beginning to show the dust build-up.

We went on Yankee Jim's up to Shirt Tail Cnayon Road, then turned left and followed it up to Iowa Hill.  We turned left on Iowa Hill Road, and went into Colfax.

Somewhere in here, I got a little bit lost.  We were on Dog Bar Road for a while, and ended up on Chalk Bluff Road and Ran through the creek before stopping for a break.  I think this is Deer Creek, located about 39degrees, 13minutes, 25seconds north latitude by 120degrees, 54minutes, 55seconds west longitude.
 The creek we just crossed.
 Admiring our success, and watching the last few get through the water.  It was rather rocky, and the water was flowing a bit, but everyone made it through.
 Apparently, there was a work party cleaning up the place, lots of activity.  From there, we "headed up the hill and turned left", and ended up in Grass Valley (or Nevada City, I was still lost!) for lunch.  From there, some of us went back home to address our "honeydo" chores, and some kept riding.

Good show, Ron!