Bay Area Tigers

Christmas Ride, 2001

San Rafel, Mount Tam, Tomales Bay

Patrick called the ride, made the plans, and led us on a great trip.  He provided a route map for each of us, with yellow highlighter making the roads.  He stopped occasionally so us old slow-pokes could catch up, and he seemed to be taking a head count each time.  Methinks he'll get drafted frequently if all his rides are so well organized.

I left home at 06:02 in the dark, 9,156 miles on the odometer.  Arrived at the San Rafel Ducati and Triumph dealership at 7:45.  Patrick pulled in just a few minutes later.  By way of a plug for our sponsor, here's where we met:

Those very gracious hosts provided all the food groups for breakfast: Coffee, Bagels and Donuts!  After the crowd gathered, we got the personal 'nickle tour' of the facilities, and a minds eye sketch of the planned remodeling.  The obligatory photos were snapped, and patric started us on our way.  Here's the crew, Patrick is the one in the red suit with the constant grin on his face.  (Who better to lead a Christmas ride than a man in a red suit?)  I'm the gray-haired old fellow partly hiding behind my Green '01 (the one with the bags).  Pretty rare to see two green ones parked next to each other.

There were eleven riders, ten Tigers and a 'Zook GSXR.


We left the shop, headed up Fairfax/Bolinas road to the top of Mt. Tam, 'up into the clouds', as it were.  Near the top, we stopped so I could record this dripping moment.  It wasn't raining, exactly, but riding through the moisture squeezed the water out, so there was a lot of face shield wiping going on.

Back down the hill, on the West side, to Stinson Beach, then up Route 1 Northbound.  We stopped at Limantour Beach for a break and chit-chat. We were below the clouds now, so the visability was much improved.  That's Bodega Bay in the background, no wind, calm seas.

The guy riding the KTM also owns a Tiger, and he was so blown away by the size of the gathering that he rode the rest of the way with us.  We went up the road and stopped for Lunch (Breakfast, actually, as the breakfast menu was still in force).  The group split up then, Patrick took some of the bunch round-a-bout to Tomales, some went back south towards the City, and some of us went up Marshall Petaluma road to Petaluma, then on to 121/12 and on to 80.  Got home about 2:30,  9,430 on the odometer, 274 miles.

I got a chance to test out my new "Catepillar Cruise Control" on the open stretch back, and it works great.  Lets see, four dollars for the O-ring, as opposed to $120.00 plus for a ThrottleMeister...  What kind of goodies can I get for my Tiger with a hundred and change?

Good job Patrick!