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Here I go again!

O.K., so I've become a collector.

I jokingly say that I'm going to get one bike for every day of the week. Sometimes I take the joke too seriously.

The Triumph Tiger works, and the Sportster works, and the '77 CB750 works, but somehow they are a bit of overkill for everyday local use. Something lighter, more nimble, was in order. I'm not certain why, but I decided on a Honda CL 350

Back to Craigslist, eventually found one in Chico. It is basically a stock, complete, 1970 CL350 with 18,xxx miles on it. I picked it up, stopped at the DMV to get a new pink on it, and brought it home. Spent a week cleaning out the carburetors and generally cleaning it up, and the pictures below show what I got. Hooked up my jumper battery, the lights worked, and the horn, and the turn signals, and the starter motor, but it wouldn't start. The points were totally corroded, so no spark. I got out an emory board, took the points apart, filed the bejesus out of 'em, and sprayed them with contact cleaner. Diddley-dog-gone if it didn't start! It'll really need a new set of points, and some fine tuning, but here I go again!

Front View

Left Side View

Rear View

Right Side View

I have some Dunlop K70's on order, and a battery, so it'll change a bit in the near future. I want to take the wheels apart, grease the bearings, service the forks, probably replace the brake shoes, and the rest of the usual maintenance stuff, but here's a great starting point.


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