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So, I went to the Norcal Cycle Swap Meet in Rancho Cordova in May, and saw this KZ twin sitting in a trailer.  Inquired about it, and after some back and forth e-mails, I bought it.  It had been sitting, non-op'd, for 15 years, so I was buying a bit of a 'pig-in-a-poke', but the price was right.

I brought it home in the pick-up, cleaned it up a bit, went through the carbs (twice, before I got it right), bought a new battery, plugs and wires, air and oil filters, etc.  Spent some time fiddling with it, and it runs just fine, thank you very much.

The seat is a miserable affair.  Those pull-back handlebars are goofy.   The windshield is functional, but not to my taste.  
Stay tuned for the updates.

Right Side View

Front Right View

Front Left View

Left Side View

I said 'The seat is a miserable affair'.  Not any more!  I took it to Kevin Marshalls Custom Upholstery, had Kevin make it flat, and here's the result:

Right Side View

Left Side View

Next, get some handlebars.
Not so easy, it seems!
The local dismantlers don't really want to sell old bars, just new ones.

This bike has a wide spacing on the bar mounts (6"), and there's only a few new bars wide enough in the center to fit.   I wanted 3 to 5 inch rise, with a "normal" pullback.   Turns out I can't find that in a new bar.   I got rummaging through my collection of junk, and found an old set of bars, probably O.E. on a Triumph or BSA.   They are rusty as sin, more rust than chrome left, but they are straight, and near enough to what I want for temporary use.   And, I had to change the bars in order for the new fairing to fit.

From the right front, it looks like this.


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