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Here's another one that I found on Craigslist. It had been abandoned by a former owner, and removed by a tow service at the new landowner's request. The engine was frozen, from sitting so many years, collecting rust in the cylinders. I took off the head, and found out why it haden't been run.

Broken Valve

Pardon the fuzzy picture quality, but the valve in the upper right quadrant is sitting about perpendicular to where it is supposed to be....  Aside from some surface rust in lots of places, and the obvious weathering of the aluminum surfaces, the rest of the motor looks pretty good.  I pulled the valve out of the seat, and the seat seems to be O.K., so I took it to a machinist for a valve job.  I need to replace this valve, and possibly some more parts, and then I'll look into polishing up the rest of the bike.

Rusty parts

I took pictures all around the bike, as a reference to how the wires and cables were run originally, and then tore it completely apart. As can be seen, it's surface rust all over, and a few bent things. I got the frame sandblasted, and then powder coated.

Here's how it looked when it came back.

I'm still not certain how I'm going to put this thing back together, tending towards making a cafe racer out of it. In the mean time, I want to Get it together, and get it running O.K. So I put it back together with the old rusty pieces, and I'll work out the details later.

Here it is on the table, mostly assembled:

And, now, for the dis-appointing news: It starts, but seems to only run on the left cylinder.???? The exhaust for the right side is cool. That spark plug remains clean. If I spray a little starting fluid on the right side, it fires. That indicates carburation issues. I've been through the carb, twice. I'm still noodling over the cause.


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